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AIAS Deputy Director and Fellow Nikolaj T. Zinner selected an Outstanding Referee by APS

Zinner is recognized as an Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society’s ‘Outstanding Referee program’ – a programme that is highly selective as only 143 out of about 71,000 active referees were appointed this year.

Photo: Nikolaj T. Zinner. By: Anders Trærup.

Nikolaj T. Zinner is among the 0.20 percent of active referees who have received the recognition from the American Physical Society in the highly selective ‘Outstanding Referee program’ that annually recognizes about 150 of the roughly 71,000 currently active referees. Like Fellowships in the American Physical Society, the ‘Outstanding Referee’ is a lifetime award. This year, 143 Outstanding Referees were selected.

Zinner and the other 2019 ‘Outstanding Referees’ are recognized for his outstanding service to the physics community and selected on the basis of the quality, number, and timeliness of their reports, without regard for membership in the American Physical Society, country of origin, or field of research.

Find a list of the 143 Outstanding Referees of 2019 at: https://journals.aps.org/OutstandingReferees

High level and quality

The ‘Outstanding Referee program’ serves to recognize scientists who have been exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication in the American Physical Society’s journals. With the programme, the American Physical Society expresses its appreciation to all referees, whose efforts in peer review not only keep the standards of the journals at a high level, but in many cases also help authors to improve the quality and readability of their articles – even those that are not published by APS.

About APS

The American Physical Society is a nonprofit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics through its outstanding research journals, scientific meetings, and education, outreach, advocacy, and international activities.

The APS is publishing the most esteemed scientific journals within physics and topics related to physics as e.g. the journals Review of Modern Physics and Physical Review Letters, both journals that Nikolaj T. Zinner regularly work as peer reviewer for.


Nikolaj Thomas Zinner, AIAS Deputy Director and JCS Fellow

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