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AIAS accepted as EURIAS member institute

AIAS will receive DKK 800,000 from the EURIAS EU Cofund programme, providing four fellowships over the next two years as a result of the new membership.

Last week, AIAS Director Morten Kyndrup participated in the annual meetings of the NetIAS association and of the EURIAS fellowship programme in Jerusalem. Prior to this meeting, AIAS had submitted a formal application to be granted membership of the joint fellowship programme of EURIAS. AIAS was successfully and unanimously welcomed as member of the EURIAS Cofund programme and will be included in the joint call for fellowships, to be published later this month.

As a result, AIAS will offer two junior EURIAS fellowships each of the following two years and this will contribute with DKK 800,000 in funding to AIAS.

AIAS became a member of NetIAS, a Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study in April 2015. The NetIAS network brings together 21 Institutes for Advanced Study across Europe - 17 of these Institutes are also part of the EURIAS Fellowship Programme that AIAS has now joined. The two fellowships will be announced on the AIAS website and in the AIAS Newsletter.

Read more about the EURIAS Cofund programme: http://www.2017-2018.eurias-fp.eu/about-us


Executive director and Professor Morten Kyndrup, kyndrup@aias.au.dk

Helle Villekold, Programme Manager, helv@au.dk

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