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ABR podcast with essay by Bridget Vincent

Hear AIAS Fellow Bridget Vincent, runner-up of the 2023 Calibre Essay Prize, read her essay ‘Child Adjacent’ in the podcast series of the ABR, Australia Book Review.

Photo: Bridget Vincent, AIAS Fellow

AIAS MSCA Fellow and Lecturer in English at the Australian National University Bridget Vincent is runner-up of the 2023 Calibre Essay Prize awarded by the Australia Book Review with her essay ‘Child Adjacent’. 

The Calibre Essay Prize judges Yves Rees, Peter Rose and Beejay Silcox praised Bridget Vincent’s ‘Child Adjacent’ for its wryness and compassion. They noted that it broadened our understanding of the family and interrogated the terrors and moral dilemmas of raising children in the climate crisis:

“As wry as it is compassionate, ‘Child Adjacent’ impressed the judges with its conceptual freshness. It is an essay that broadens our understanding of family building, and interrogates the terrors and moral exigencies of parenting in the climate crisis. Vincent’s essay does subtle, private things in reverberative ways, which is the mark of an enduring essay,” the judges report stated.

Listen to Bridget Vincent reading ‘Child Adjacent’, published in the June issue of ABR.


Bridget Vincent, AIAS Fellow

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