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3-2-1-Go! Call for Collaborative Theme Groups

AIAS invites researchers at Aarhus University to participate in the creation of collaborative groups that bring together researchers from at least three departments, spanning at least two faculties, united by one overarching theme: 3-2-1-Go

Credit: Nicolai Hildebrand.

With the aim of enhancing interdisciplinary research collaborations across Aarhus University, AIAS launches a new initiative: Collaborative Theme Groups: 3-2-1-Go!

Do you have an interdisciplinary research theme that spans across departments and faculties and needs a framework? Then the ‘Collaborative Theme Groups: 3-2-1-Go!’ may be something for you. The call for proposals is open researchers at Aarhus University.

Three departments, two faculties, one theme

A collaborative theme group is comprised of researchers from at least three different departments involving at least two faculties at Aarhus University with one overarching theme. The theme groups will run for two years, from August 2024 to July 2026.

Supportive and interdisciplinary platform

AIAS offers a dynamic platform that transcends the disciplinary and organizational boundaries, providing the essential support and infrastructure to move your ideas forward.

  • Deadline to apply: 8 April 2024

See the full call and application details here: OPEN CALL: 3-2-1-Go! (au.dk)

The Interdisciplinary Task-force at Aarhus University with members from all five faculties at Aarhus University will carry out the selection of the theme groups.


Lotte Holm, Head of Secretariat, deputy director
E-mail: lho@aias.au.dk

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