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AIAS Conference

Building(s) in Aarhus

1-2 September

Invented by Jacques Tits in the late 20th century, buildings found applications and play a central role in many fields of Mathematics and Physics. The conference ‘Building(s) in Aarhus’ is firstly dedicated to Jacques Tits who passed away in December 2021, leaving behind a tremendous legacy of research in group theory and geometry. At the same time, we aim to build new connections between the local researchers whose work relate in one way or another to buildings and the international leading experts in the field invited to the conference.

Confirmed speakers


The conference is open for all. Register here.

Local participants: A conference fee of DKK 175 applies for local participants. This fee covers the cost of coffee and lunches at the conference. For the conference dinner an additional fee of DKK 250 will be asked. Registration closes August 25, 2022. 

Contribute with a talk

International/non-local participants: Would you like to participate in or contribute with a talk to the 'Building(s) in Aarhus' conference? Please register here no later than July 30, 2022.

Up to 6 contributed talks will be selected shortly after the registration deadline. As well the conference can fund a 3-nights hotel for up to 20 international participants (including the 12 speakers).


The workshop is co-funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, Aarhus University and Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.