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AIAS Seminar: Shiru Lim, AIAS Fellow

The Problems of Philosophic Government: Intellectuals & the State in hte History of Ideas

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Monday 22 May 2023,  at 13:15 - 14:30


AIAS Auditorium and online via Zoom

Speaker: Shiru Lim, AIAS Fellow

The seminar is held in-person, but online attendance is possible via:


The notion that those who govern ought to be wise is an idea with an ancient pedigree. But it is also a contested one. From where should the wisdom of rulers derive? And what kinds of wisdom really pertain to the task of government? The challenges of answering these questions are the problems of philosophic government: the problems of determining the relationship between intellectuals and the state, between knowledge and power. This talk explores past attempts to address these problems, devoting particular attention to the iconic partnerships between intellectuals and rulers in Enlightenment Europe.

Short bio

Shiru Lim is an historian of political thought interested in theories of government, as well as conceptions of expertise, inequality, and artifice. After taking her degrees from London and Cambridge, she held research fellowships at the University of Göttingen and at the European University Institute in Florence. She is currently writing a book on Philosophy & Government in Enlightenment Europe: Frederick II, Catherine II, and the philosophes.

Read about Shiru Lim's project at AIAS here

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