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AIAS Seminar: Lau Møller Andersen, AIAS Fellow

A cerebellar clock? Cerebellar capabilities, functional relevance and Parkinson’s disease

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Monday 1 May 2023,  at 13:15 - 14:30


AIAS Auditorium and online via Zoom

Speaker: Lau Møller Andersen, AIAS Fellow

The seminar is held in-person, but online attendance is possible via:


The human cerebellum has often been neglected in neuroscience due to two unfounded beliefs: 1) It does not do anything interesting, and we are fine without it; 2) It is impossible to measure it non-invasively, and it is therefore not readily feasible to measure it in humans. I here present a body of work showing its timing capabilities, its functional relevance in optimising behaviour and some fresh, new results showing its potential implication in Parkinson’s disease, thus dispelling these beliefs.

Short bio

Lau Møller Andersen studied Philosophy and Linguistics (BA) and Neuroscience (PhD) at Aarhus University. In between these two degrees he studied Brain and Cognitive Science (MSc) at the University of Amsterdam. He has worked on the neuroscience of consciousness and sensory expectations primarily by the use of the neuroimaging technique of magnetoencephalography. Finally, he takes a keen interest in coding using languages such as MATLAB, Python and R.

Read about Lau Møller Andersen's project at AIAS here

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