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AIAS Seminar: Kirsten Marie Ørnsbjerg Jensen

The Material World - An atomic view of new materials for future energy technologies

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Monday 30 November 2020,  at 14:15 - 15:30


Virtual via Zoom



The talk is streamed via Zoom. Join URL: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/65593796440 to attend virtually. 

Speaker: Kirsten Marie Ørnsbjerg Jensen, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen 



The development of new materials for energy technologies such as batteries and catalysts is critically dependent on understanding the build-up of materials on the atomic scale, i.e. the atomic arrangement in matter. We look into materials and how they function in e.g. batteries using intense X-rays from large scale synchrotron sources, allowing us to establish the relation between material function and their structure, opening for development of new and improved energy materials for a cleaner future. 

Short bio


Kirsten M. Ø. Jensen is an associate professor at Department of Chemistry at University of Copenhagen. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Aarhus University in 2013. Following a postdoc position at Columbia University, she started her research group in Copenhagen in 2015. The research in her group concerns nanomaterials, focusing especially on the use of X-ray and neutron scattering for materials chemistry.

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