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AIAS Conference

Perceiving after Conceiving: What internal body perceptions and sensations mean for pregnancy and post-partum nutrition and health for parents and for the next generation

14 June 2022

The symposium will bring together two groups of researchers and experts: one group focused on the social determinants of health and nutrition in the earliest stages of the human life course (i.e., just before conception, through pregnancy, and through infancy) and the other group focused on measuring and visualizing body sensations and internal perceptions of bodily functions and experiences. There’s good reason to intuit that pregnancy alters these kinds of sensations and perceptions and that such sensations and perceptions alter pregnancy health, but we don’t yet know whether or to what extent that’s actually the case. So, please bring your perspective and expertise on one of these areas of inquiry and let’s move the conversation forward on how and why to test this intuition!

Invited speakers

Preliminary Schedule 

Tuesday, 14 June

8.45-9.45: Opening remarks and first local keynote speaker during breakfast

10.00-10.30: 30 mins of 4-5 lightening talks on theme 1

10.30-11.00: 30 mins of discussion and questions on theme 1

11.00-11.20: BREAK

11.20-11.50: 30 mins of 4-5 lightening talks on theme 2

11.50-12.20: 30 mins of discussion and questions on theme 2

12.20-13.10: LUNCH

13.10-13.40: Second local keynote

13.40-14.10: 30 mins of lightening talks on theme 3

14.10-14.40: 30 mins of discussion on theme 3

14.40-15.00: 15-30 mins of facilitated discussion on all themes with all participants; closing remarks/announcements

15.30-16.30: Cocktails and mocktails



The conference is co-funded by:

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), Aarhus University