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AIAS Seminar: Introduction Research Presentations

6 new AIAS Fellows give a 10-minute presentation each on their research topics

2020.07.07 | AIAS

Date Tue 27 Oct
Time 14:15 15:30
Location Virtual (and possibly the AIAS Auditorium)

The new AIAS Fellows Autumn 2020. Photo credit: Ida Marie Jensen

The seminar is delivered via Zoom. Join URL: 
https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/64498816108 to attend virtually. 

AIAS Meet the New Fellows Seminar: Introduction Research Presentations

The purpose of this biannual Introduction Research Presentations event is to maximise and support Fellows' academic integration at AIAS - a chance for all the new fellows to present themselves, their field of work and their research question to each other, to the rest of the fellows and to other people in the audience.  


14:15 - 14:20: Introduction by Director of AIAS Søren Rud Keiding 

14:21 - 14:31:  Katarzyna Jazdzewska: An Author to his Reader. Dedicatory Prose Prefaces in Ancient Literature

14:32 - 14:42: Christian Damsgaard: Sensory evolution from a bird's eye perspective – elucidating the physiological basis for superior eyesight. 

14:43 - 14:53: Philipp Reick: Making it home: A transnational history of building cooperatives and urban housing in interwar Europe, 1919–1926.

14:54 - 15:04: Helen Van Noorden: Reframing the Sibylline Oracles.

15:05 - 15:15: Morten Overgaard: Science and subjectivity - testing the implicit assumptions in theories of the neural correlates of consciousness.

15:16 - 15:26: Stefan Bargheer: Culturalism: The Remaking of Race in the American Century.