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AIAS Fellow Btihaj Ajana signs book contract with Palgrave

The book, whose working title is "The Quantified Self: Empirical and philosophical Studies of self-tracking culture", offers a critical exploration into the growing trend of self-monitoring and fitness-tracking through digital technologies.

2016.11.16 | Lena Bering

The forthcoming edited collection is partly an outcome of the AIAS Workshop The Quantified Self and the Rise of Self-Tracking Culture (2016) organized by AIAS Fellow Btihaj Ajana.

This workshop gathered international experts and scholars from various relevant fields to debate the rising culture of quantification and examine its wider implications. The workshop was also an opportunity to identify some of the gaps in existing literature and respond to these with a book publication. To fulfill the need for continuing the critical debates and developing further research on the fast-spreading practices of self-tracking and quantification, Ajana is currently organizing a major international conference which will be held on 8-9 June 2017 under the title Metric Culture: The Quantified Self and Beyond at AIAS.

More details on the conference can be found here: http://aias.au.dk/events/metric-culture-the-quantified-self-and-beyond/

The conference is open to all, and Ajana encourages both researchers and members of the public to participate and critically engage with a field that is currently undergoing an immense expansion in contemporary society and reshaping everyday practices.


Btihaj Ajana, AIAS Fellow, and Associate Professor, King’s College London, UK 

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