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10 theme-based fellowships open for application at AIAS

Five fellowships are available within the themes of 'Inequality in Health' and 'Democracy and Digital Citizenship.' An AIAS-PIREAU and an AIAS-SHAPE fellowship are addressing societal challenges in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.

AIAS is pleased to announce two new types of theme-based fellowships in collaboration with and within the thematic scopes of two interdisciplinary research centres at Aarhus University: 'PIREAU - Platform for Inequality Research at Aarhus University' and 'SHAPE - Research Center for Shaping Digital Citizenship.'

”We are very pleased that AIAS has joined efforts with two research initiatives at Aarhus University to tackle urgent societal challenges from an interdisciplinary and collaborative perspective. This is an important step forward for AIAS to work with two tracks, so to speak. With one that offers completely free ‘Advanced Studies’ fellowships, but also one that works on thematic research, ‘Advanced Solutions,” said Jørgen Frøkiær, Chair of the AIAS Board of Directors and Head of Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University.

Collaboration across academic fields

The new theme-based fellowships are individual fellowship projects, but fellows are expected to work as part of an interdisciplinary group of researchers. The ten new fellows will have their daily office at AIAS, and within each of the two themes of 'Inequality in Health' and 'Democracy and Digital Citizenship' respectively, five fellows will work together to address and explore the theme from an interdisciplinary and collaborative perspective. Besides the anticipated thematic synergies of the two groups, the two thematic groups of researchers will become an active part of the AIAS community, benefitting from the interdisciplinary exchanges, the joint training activities and international environment that AIAS, but also PIREAU and SHAPE offer.

The ten fellowships include a salary according to academic level, and are available for talented researchers of all nationalities, research fields and academic seniority. All applicants must hold a PhD. The ten theme-based fellows will commence at the same time on 1 September 2023, and fellowships have a duration of 10 months, until 30 June 2024.

A unique environment

AIAS provides a unique research environment within Aarhus University. As a ‘physical’ house outside the faculty and department-based boundaries of the ordinary university structure, AIAS offers researchers the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research, to broaden their research profile and to collaborate with an inspiring international and multidisciplinary community.

How to apply

Know more about each of the fellowships, the thematic scopes of PIREAU and SHAPE, and the guidelines for application by visiting:

AIAS-PIREAU Fellowships - 5 fellowships within 'Inequality in Health':

AIAS-SHAPE Fellowships - 5 fellowships within 'Democracy and Digital Citizenship':

Application deadline

1 February 2023 at 12:00 noon CET.


The theme-based fellowships are co-funded by Aarhus University Research Foundation in collaboration with 'PIREAU - Platform for Inequality Research at Aarhus University' and 'SHAPE - Research Center for Shaping Digital Citizenship.'


Helle Villekold, AIAS Programme Manager
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