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Photo: Lisa M. Wu. Credit: Aarhus University Photo

2021.11.25 |

New project seeks to improve cognitive impairment in brain cancer survivors

AIAS Fellow Lisa M. Wu has developed a new programme to help improve cognitive problems in brain cancer survivors. The project is funded by the Danish Cancer Society and aims to improve real-life functioning, work ability and quality of life for brain cancer survivors.

2021.11.08 |

Lundbeck Foundation Ascending Investigator grant to Sâmia Joca

Former AIAS Fellow Sâmia Joca (Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University) is awarded an Ascending Investigators grant of DKK 5 million by the Lundbeck Foundation to investigate whether the compound cannabidiol can have a positive effect on depression.

Image: Cover of the Tænkepause/ Reflections book on 'Vand'/ Water by Søren Rud Keiding.

2021.11.02 |

The unique properties of water

AIAS Director Søren Rud Keiding contributes to the book series Tænkepauser, Reflections, with a new book on water. As a chemical physicist, Keiding dives into the wondrous properties of water and takes us on a freezing or vaporizing experience.