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Photo: Constructed wetland planted with Cyperus papyrus in León, Mexico. The system treats domestic wastewater from 120 people. Photo: Marco A. Rodriguez-Dominguez.

2020.07.08 |

Improvement of wastewater treatment in Latin America and the Caribbean

A comprehensive study by a team of wastewater scientists from Aarhus University including AIAS fellow Dennis Konnerup shows that constructed wetlands could be a suitable solution to improve wastewater issues in the region.

Image: A superconducting chip with coupled qubits from MIT. By: Roni Winik, MIT.

2020.07.03 |

Development of a diamond gate for optimization of quantum computing

In a collaboration between Aarhus University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA, AIAS Fellow Nikolaj T. Zinner and collaborators have developed a new design, a ’diamond gate’, that could optimize the quantum computer. The results have been published in the journal 'npj Quantum Information'. The new diamond gate takes us one…