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Image: Illustration of the Parkes radio telescope measuring the radio signals emitted from the pulsar PSR J1141-6545, while orbiting a rotating white dwarf causing frame dragging. Credit: Mark Myers/ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav).

2020.01.31 |

Space-time is dragged around

Astrophysicist and AIAS fellow Thomas Tauris contributes to our understanding of how dead stars impact gravitational forces. Hereby we are one step closer to understanding the forces of nature. The results have been published in the scientific journal 'Science'.

Photo: Rasmus O. Bak in the lab. By: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2020.01.27 |

Researchers will ’educate’ patients’ own immune system to track and kill cancer cells

AIAS Fellow Rasmus O. Bak is part of new national collaboration together with colleagues from Aarhus University Hospital. The project is funded by the Danish Ministry of Health and is a nation-wide effort to develop future cancer treatment.

2020.01.23 |

Special journal issue on Imaginative Geographies of Home

New concepts of home are explored in the special journal issue ‘Imaginative Geographies of Home: Ambivalent Mobility in Twenty-First Century Literature and Culture’ edited by AIAS Former Fellow Dorothee Birke (University of Innsbruck) and collaborator Stella Butter (University of Koblenz-Landau), a result of their 2017 AIAS symposium.

2020.01.22 |

Third call for AIAS-COFUND II fellowships successfully closed

With 299 applications from researchers from all over the world, the third call for AIAS-COFUND Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships under the EU’s Horizon 2020 has closed. Now an extensive triple peer-review and selection process will follow.

2020.01.21 |

Codex talk on geology and climate by AIAS Fellow Jennifer Galloway

What happens when teratonnes of carbon are emitted to the atmosphere? Watch Jennifer Galloway give her bid on this in short Codex talk video.