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2020.05.13 |

The World Pandemic Research Network launched

The first global, real-time directory of research and research resources on the societal and human impacts of the COVID19 pandemic is launched with support from the global and European networks for Institutes of Advanced Study.

2020.04.30 |

Obituary for Professor, AIAS Fellow Christian Bendixen

With Professor Christian Bendixen's untimely death, the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics & AIAS have lost an excellent researcher and a good colleague. Christian Bendixen died suddenly from a blood clot at the age of 57. We are all deeply affected.

2020.04.28 |

Social rhythms in the age of COVID-19

AIAS Fellow Lisa M. Wu is a research expert in daily life rhythms, such as circadian rhythms, and is studying how these are affected by illnesses, such as cancer. Now she and her colleagues have launched a survey to study how people’s social rhythms and emotional well-being may be affected during the corona virus.

2020.04.23 |

The North Atlantic right whale population is in poor condition

New research by an international team of scientists reveals that endangered North Atlantic right whales are in much poorer body condition than their counterparts in the southern hemisphere. The alarming results from this research, led by AIAS Fellow Fredrik Christiansen, were published this week in the journal 'Marine Ecology Progress Series'.

2020.04.22 |

UBIAS network launches call for essays on a post-COVID-19 world

The global network for University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study, UBIAS, has an open call for essays on the theme ‘How will/should the world change? The corona crisis as an interdisciplinary challenge’.

2020.04.02 |

On languages on islands

In a position paper in the Danish journal Acta Linguistica Hafniensia, AIAS Former Fellow Joshua Nash, Peter Bakker of Aarhus University Linguistics, and nine other authors discuss the possibility of island languages.

2020.03.30 |

AIAS Director appointed member of the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy, DFiR

AIAS Director Søren Rud Keiding is reappointed as a member of the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy, a council under the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science.

2020.03.23 |

Novel tool developed to improve our understanding of genetic factors

AIAS Fellow Doug Speed, in collaboration with David Balding and John Holmes (University of Melbourne), has developed a new tool that improves our understanding of the genetic factors underlying complex traits. Details of the tool have been published this week in the journal Nature Genetics.

2020.02.26 |

Unravelling the Neurobiology of Interoceptive Inference

In a short review article in the Cell journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences, AIAS Fellow Micah G. Allen discusses the function of the insular cortex, and how causal evidence for the nascent theory of interoceptive inference has now been identified.

2020.02.25 |

Hannah Arendt, Liberalism, and Freedom from Politics

Essay on Hannah Arendt by AIAS Fellow Kei Hiruta highlighted as one of 2019’s top downloaded chapters & articles in Philosophy by SpringerNature.

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