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Hosted event: Women in Science Day

2017.01.31 | AIAS

Date Sat 11 Feb
Time 13:00 16:00
Location The AIAS Auditorium, Building 1632, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, 8000 Aarhus C

Hear women scientists talk about a wide varierty of subjects from numerous fields of science to celebrate the UN's International Day of Women in Science and recognise research pursued by women to better Aarhus, Denmark, and the world. The day is hosted by Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies and will be held in their auditorium on the Aarhus University campus. 


13:00: Welcome

13:10: Speaker: Jessica Barker - Behavioural ecologist

13:30: Speaker: Pinja Haikka - Physicist

13:50: Speaker: Kari Tanderup - Oncologist

14:10: Coffee break

14:40: Speaker: Belén Jiménez Mena - Conservation Genetics

15:00: Speaker: Signe Normand - Ecologist

15:20: Panel: What does is take to be a women in science? 

15:40-16:00: Wrap-up and Mingling

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All talks are given in English and open to the public. No prior registration, just show up.

Contact and organizer

Ashley Pearcy, ashley.pearcy@bios.au.dk

Lead Organizer, European Croc Networking Meeting
Visiting Scientist, Aarhus University
Honorary Lecturer, University of Witwatersrand
Member, IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group

Lecture / talk