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Hosted event: PhD defence by Bjørn Bay

Fertility treatment: long-term growth and mental development of the children

2014.05.07 | AIAS

Date Fri 23 May
Time 14:00 16:30
Location The AIAS Auditorium, Building 1632, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, 8000 Aarhus C

Thesen bygger på følgende videnskabelige arbejder:


  1. 1.    Assisted reproduction and child neurodevelopmental outcomes: a systematic review.
    Bay B, Mortensen EL, Kesmodel US.
    Fertil Steril. 2013 Sep;100(3):844-53
  2. 2.    Fertility treatment and risk of childhood and adolescent mental disorders: register based cohort study.
    Bay B, Mortensen EL, Hvidtjørn D, Kesmodel US.
    BMJ. 2013 Jul 5;347:f3978
  3. 3.   Fertility treatment and child intelligence, attention, and executive functions in 5-year-old singletons: a cohort study
    Bay B, Mortensen EL, Kesmodel US.
    B J O G, in press
  4. 4.    Are Subfertility or Fertility Treatment Associated With Long-Term Growth in the Offspring: a Cohort Study
    Bay B, Mortensen EL, Kesmodel US.
    Manuscript submitted.
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