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AIAS Journal Club

Data visualization and scientific graphics

2013.12.02 | AIAS

Date Thu 20 Mar
Time 12:00 14:00
Location Biomodelling 3D Lab, building 1510, room 410. NOTICE CHANGE OF LOCATION!!!

About the Journal Club

Each time scientific articles related to data visualization and scientific graphics with a focus on biology, molecular biology and nanoscience will be discussed. If you are a researcher interested in discussing articles within these areas, you are welcome to participate. No prior registration is needed. Just show up!

The topic of the March Journal Club is bimolecular simulation. Short presentations will be given by Katarine Kirkeby Skeby, Anne Laustsen and Sheeba Irudayam from the Biomodelling Group in Chemistry. Sheeba will give a summary/outline of what kind of simulations the lab does and the nature of the data they obtain. Katrine will demonstrate the visualisation of a trajectory from her work using VMD and Anne will present a visualization with Maestro. 


The Journal Club is a joined lunch meeting, so please bring your own lunch. Coffee and tea will be served.

For further information, please contact

AIAS Fellow Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard at risk@aias.au.dk.