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2015.12.09 |

AIAS Former Fellow Cheryl Mattingly awarded prestigious book award

Mattingly received the New Millennium Book Award for her book 'Moral Laboratories: Family Peril and the Struggle for a Good Life' written during her AIAS Fellowship

2015.12.03 |

AIAS Fellow Paul W. Denton on World AIDS Day

Gain insights into some of the latest research in the search for an HIV cure by watching this engaging lecture.

2015.10.07 |

AIAS Fellow Toke T. Høye: High-arctic butterflies shrink with rising temperatures

New research published by Toke T. Høye in collaboration with Joseph J. Bowden, Arctis Research Centre, shows that butterflies in Greenland have become smaller in response to increasing temperatures due to climate change.

2015.09.28 |

AIAS welcomes 12 new international researchers

On 1 October 2015 five of the twelve new fellows will join the international and scientifically diverse community of AIAS – reaching a total number of 34 AIAS fellows from all over the world.

2015.08.28 |

AIAS Fellow Rima Obeid publishes significant results on the role of folic acid in prevention of infant mortality

Insufficient dietary folate intake among European women leads to thousands of birth defects every year and high costs of billions of Danish kroner. Enrichment of selected foods with folic acid can prevent child mortality and save huge costs. These are the results of a recent study published by Rima Obeid.

Photo: Michael Jackson (Harvard) engaging a full AIAS auditorium. AU Comm.

2015.08.26 |

The human condition in excellent company

At the AIAS Conference 'The Human Condition' high-level anthropologists and philosophers from all over the world met to embark on a journey to reinvent philosophical anthropology.

2015.06.16 |

AIAS Fellow Martin Holmstrup receives prestigious grant

Martin Holmstrup was awarded a 'DFF research project 2' by The Danish Council for Independent Research, Technology and Production.

2015.06.10 |

AIAS Fellow Bjørn Panyella Pedersen has been awarded the highly prestigious ‘Early Career Grant’ from DuPont

Bjørn Panyella Pedersen has been selected as one of nine ‘2015 DuPont Young Professors’ on 4 June.

2015.05.21 |

AIAS Fellow Toke T. Høye publishes significant results on the loss of butterflies species

The research carried out in collaboration with Anne Eskildsen, Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University, is documenting severe declines in butterfly diversity over the last century.

2015.04.23 |

AIAS part of prestigious society

Although a young Institute with only one and a half year in existence, the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies has been accepted as a member of NetIAS.

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