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2017.01.05 |

Call for Papers to AIAS Symposium

The international symposium ’Mobilizing Home(s): New Approaches to the Study of Home in Contemporary Literature and Culture’ to be held 14-15 September 2017 is now open for submission of papers. The call closes on 15 January 2017.

2016.11.16 |

AIAS Fellow Btihaj Ajana signs book contract with Palgrave

The book, whose working title is "The Quantified Self: Empirical and philosophical Studies of self-tracking culture", offers a critical exploration into the growing trend of self-monitoring and fitness-tracking through digital technologies.

2016.10.13 |

Nature publication on quantum spin transistor by AIAS Former Fellow David Petrosyan

Petrosyan and co-authors have proposed the world’s first quantum spin transistor. The discovery is an important leap forward towards building quantum computers and networks by finding technological solutions to some of the central challenges.

2016.09.23 |

Three new AIAS Associates

AIAS will give its official welcome to three new AIAS Associates who will be affiliated with AIAS for the next two years on 3 October 2016.

2016.09.16 |

New results on HIV by AIAS Former Fellow Paul W. Denton

The research results published in ‘Nature Communications’ by Denton and co-authors has shown that a new treatment can affect a broad range of HIV virus variants.

2016.08.29 |

AIAS in charge of global network – UBIAS

AIAS Director Morten Kyndrup has been elected as steering committee chairman and thereby coordinator for the global UBIAS, a network for University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study, for the next two years. AIAS is, thus, taking on the function of coordinating Institute.

2016.08.18 |

Welcome to nine new AIAS fellows

On 1 October 2016, the first 9 fellows of a cohort of 13 selected researchers will commence their fellowship at AIAS.

2016.08.11 |

New book publication by AIAS Fellow Dorothee Birke

In 'Writing the Reader', Birke investigates the practice of novel reading with the help of a multi-dimensional model by using a selection of English novels as her test cases.

2016.07.29 |

New project website by AIAS Fellow Btihaj Ajana

‘Metric Life’ website, a new online platform dedicated to the critical study of the rising phenomenon of the Quantified Self and self-tracking culture.

2016.06.29 |

AIAS Fellow Amy M. Iler publishes significant results in Science

The results of the Science publication show that sex-specific responses to climate change in plants alter population species characteristic and performance. The pace at which the species characteristic responds to climate change is unprecedentedly fast, suggesting that species range shifts are lagging substantially behind climate change.

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