Jens Christian Skou Fellowships

The JCS fellowships are named after Aarhus University Professor Jens Christian Skou (b. 1918) who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1997.


Up to 4 JCS Fellowships available for Aarhus University employees

Aarhus University employees with a distinguished track record in research, who intend to explore innovative, high-risk topics in their scientific research areas, are encouraged to apply for a Jens Christian Skou (JCS) Fellowship. Applicants must hold a position at Aarhus University at the time of the application deadline as well as at the time of commencement of the fellowship period in order to be an eligible candidate. 

In this call, AIAS offers up to 4 Jens Christian Skou Fellowships allowing fellows to fully devote time to research, completely unrestricted by other obligations. The applicant should plan the duration of the fellowship according to his/her project proposal. Fellows are free to decide how much to engage in teaching or clinical work, if at all, but the focus area should be the development of their research proposal at AIAS. 

All AIAS fellows are expected to be physically located in AIAS’ buildings on campus, to participate in AIAS’ programme and events and to engage and contribute actively in the intellectual life and international community at the Institute. 

Employment conditions for fellows

During the JCS fellowship at AIAS, you will still be employed at your current institute. However, an appendix will be added to your employment contract stating new place of work and that you will report to the director of AIAS during the fellowship. Salary compensation to the home institute will be offered in the form of the equivalent of the net pay for a postdoc position.

Two types of Jens Christian Skou Fellowships are available 

  • Jens Christian Skou Junior Fellowships: Fellowship duration from 6 to12 months for researchers with postdoctoral research careers of 2-10 years.
  • Jens Christian Skou Senior Fellowships: Fellowship duration from 6 to 12 months for researchers at a high international level, equivalent to professors or highly qualified associate professors with postdoctoral research careers of +10 years.

Application system and deadline 

Applications must be submitted on Friday, 2 February 2018 at 12.00 (noon) via the online application system:

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For a detailed description of the JCS fellowships, the requirements to the contents of the application and the usage of the electronic application system, please refer to: