Jo Shaw

Professor, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark and University of Edinburgh, UK.

During her AIAS-COFUND fellowship Jo Shaw will be working on the project 'Citizenship Regimes'.

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Project description

The overall aim of the Citizenship Regimes project is to provide a reworking of existing legal and typological approaches to understanding citizenship as a network of rights, duties and status, by (a) articulating a distinctive socio-legal concept of citizenship drawing upon writers such as Margaret Somers and (b) elaborating seven overlapping ’dimensions’ of citizenship which express the complex purposes and tasks of citizenship and citizenship law across states and other polities better than existing conceptual schemes. The project involves concept building from the bottom up,reflecting citizenship as an instituted process.

The project aims to go beyond the limitations of northern and western ‘bias’ that marks most conceptual or theoretical work on citizenship, and engages directly with implications for citizenship of post-colonialism, new and weak states, and political and economic transition, as well as classic themes such as migration and post-generational continuity. The work is textual and interpretative, drawing on primary sources (laws, cases, government documents, etc.), grey literature (e.g. NGOs) as well as secondary sources such as existing scholarship.